Deeper Desire // Universal Publishing Production Music // Henry Durham, Marc Williams

Golden Skies // Premiumbeat// Liam Clarke

Little Party Queen // SuperPitch // Next Is Best

Look What We Found //Universal Publishing Production Music // Amanda Leigh Wilson, Stephen William Cornish

My Desire // SuperPitch // Thibault Pierens

Skyline // Cezame Music Agency // Fabian Appolaire, Adrien Erra

Blow Up // Bam Library // Bastien Deshayes

Breath of Life // Tele Music // Alex Martin Delion, Joan Peron

Breathe // Crossbreed Music // Christopher White, Oliver Spink

Council House Soul // No Sheet Music // Danny Phillips, Blair Booth

Found a Cure // Extreme Music // Andrew Willingale, James Mclean

Keep This Going // Extreme Music // Jon Murrill, Lee Richardson, Tom Ford, James Cocozza, Sarah Jane Norman

Another Day // Dynamic Music // Leek Soup, Rasputin O’Shaughnessy, Territory Five, Jake Buffalo

Hushabye // Warner Chappell // Timothy Bidwell, Jennifer Dalby, Ewan Wallace

In Your Shadow // Tele Music // Mark Revell

Little Joy // Superpitch // Scott Feldman, Amber Quintero

So Much to Do // Cavendish Music // Jonathan Spottiswoode

We Had The World Then // Bibliotheque // Chris Boot, Ben Daniel, Timothy Bidwell, Cordelia Gartside

Chitter Chatter // Universal Publishing Production Music // Ali Theodore, Jordan Yeager, Sarai Howard, Sergio Cabral

Don’t Let The Jams Stop // Aaahhh! It’s The Funky Junkies! // Steve Baguette

Fly Away // Universal Publishing Production Music // Ali Theodore, Jordan Yeager, Sarai Howard, Sergio Cabral

Intensity // Cavendish Music // Alan Langford, Oliver Trattles, Jonathan Morris, Kam Moye, Anthony Johnson

Kill Me First // Extreme Music // Dan Gautreau, Emanuel Vo Williams, Samantha Jane Powell

Turbulence // Alibi Music // James Murray

As We Get By // Bam Library // Mahira

Coming Back Around // Extreme Music // Daniel Knight

Kick It Down // West One Music // Francois Oxford, Justin Black

Miami // Cavendish Music // Carl Carlson, Knowhere, Lonely Rivers

This is the Moment // Alibi Music Library // Michael James Getches, Calvin Ross Pfeffer

To The Club // Universal Publishing Production Music // Andrew Britton, Jesse O’Mahoney, Mikey Rowe

Last Call // Cavendish Music // Brian Casey, Eric Pasi

Long Way Down // West One Music // Tristan Ivemy, Gem M Jones

Only God Can Save The Sinner // Alibi Music // Brent Lindsay

Shoot First // Extreme Music // Michael Smidi Smith, TJ Stafford, Russell Emanuel

Trouble in Delta // Cavendish Music // Nick EvansJake Shillingford

Unicorn // Bam Library // Stéphane Bellity, Vincent Mougel, Jérôme Pichon

Big Things // Ikea Television Ad // Extreme Music // Rhian Sheehan, Tony Morley, Rachel Wood

Gates Of Pearl // Turkish Airlines – Fly To Metropolis // Warner Chappell // Martyn Lee Kenneth Corbet

Hell Bent // Pedro Shoes // Indiesonics // Tom Nancarrow, Ben Hampson

Hommage A Pele // MBNA // Focus Music // Janko Nilovic, Louis Delacour

La Zingara // Nespresso Ad // Cezame Music Agency // Piotr Moss

Washed out Blues // // Cezame Music Agency // Manuel Galvin

Blaze Of Glory // Kingdom // Superpitch // Spottiswoode

I Can’t Stop Crying (Modern) // Fleabag // Universal Publishing Production Music // Will Grove-White

Light Em Up // Underground // Extreme Music // Daniel Knight, Daniel Gautreau, Emanuel Vo Williams