Aloha – Meta // Tele Music // Alexandre Martin Delion & Joan Peron

Ballin’ // Sauce Music // Ty Frankel & Jack Chilcott

Don’t You Wanna // Bam Library // Thomas Didier & Bastien Deshayes

Haptic // I’m not a machine music // Sean Kerwin, Chris Shelswell & Caragh Nugent

Radiant Warmth // VideoHelper // Saul Guanipa

Violet Letter // PremiumBeat // Louis-Étienne Santais (Aulx Studio)

Bat Shit Crazy // Extreme Music // James Grinder, Paul Rawson & David William John

Devil You Know // ALIBI Music Library // Kent Scott Carter & Brent Lindsay

Monster // Cavendish Music // Joe Mesch & Hugo Russo

No Love // Extreme Music // TJ Stafford, Michael Smidi Smith & Russell Emanuel

Rattle and Shake // VideoHelper // William Werwath

Western // Shomust Inc // Vanessa Caracci, Karim Hamida & Jerome Sallenave

A Darker Web // Universal Production Music // Steve Everitt

Call The Shots // Universal Production Music // Louise Bernadette Dowd & Antoinette Halliday

Fight Follows Flight // Indiesonics // Tom Anderson, Eleanor Ford, Andrew Stuart-Buttle, Kevin Murphy & Tim Bidwell

I Wish You’d Stay // SuperPitch // Matteo Locasciulli, Victor Galey & Jonathan James Andrew Spottiswoode

Quirky World // Focus Music // Nicholas Michael Hill, Von Hemingway & William Riddims

Warm Arms // VideoHelper // Saul Guanipa

Eternity // Volvic ‘Find Your Volcano’ // Tele Music // Alexandre Martin-Delion & Joan Peron

Fire Island // OVO Energy: Smooth // Focus Music // Robert J Walsh, Ron Dante & Ted Perlman

Gathering Clouds // ThinkBox: Discover the Power // Focus Music // Adam Saunders & Mark Stephen Cousins

Gentle Wind // Doritos: Heat Burst // Cavendish Music // Rob Laufer

Overbowed // Titleist: Performance // VideoHelper // Joseph Saba & Stewart Winter

Venture Beyond // Helly Hansen: Alive // Universal Production Music // Andrew Jame Prahlow

Expanding Time and Space // World’s Strongest Man // Universal Production Music // Daniel Jay Nielson

Fighting to Survive // Autumn – Earth’s Seasonal Secrets // Universal Production Music // John Ashton Thomas

Sleeping // Chef’s Table // Cavendish Music  // Beatrix Benedict

This Changes Everything // Secrets of Silicon Valley // Extreme Music // Jasha Klebe, Steven Pagano, Bruce Fingers & Billy Ray Fingers

Forbidden Frontiers // Richie McCaw Six Nations’ Promo // Universal Production Music // Raffael Gruber & Matthias Ullrich

Hostile Tactics // Women’s Rugby World Cup Promo // Cavendish Music // Konstantine Pope, Glenn Herweijer & Ben Sumner

Protest Nation // Minnesota Wild Stadium Hype Up Promo // VideoHelper // Joseph Saba, Stewart Winter

Stomper // Women’s Sport on BT Sport // Cavendish Music // Lawrence Mau-Yip Wong

Call the Shots // Vikings Season 4 Trailer // Universal Production Music // Louise Dowd & Antoinette Halliday

Deceit & Betrayal // Music of the Mind Trailer // Audiomachine // Harry Lightfoot

Elements // Hard Knocks: Tampa Bay Buccaneers Trailer // Extreme Music // Colin Benders

Hunted // Grimm Series Finale Trailer // VideoHelper // William Werwath

Jungle // I’m Dying Up Here Trailer // Extreme Music // Jack Lewis, Max Lewis, Matthew Wilkinson & Caroline Lewis

Mad Typer // Californication Season 5 Trailer // Universal Production Music // Josef Peters

Hit The Open Road // My Life As A Courgette Trailer // JW Media Music Ltd // Tom Howe & David Jones

Life on the Line // Elle UK Trailer // Universal Production Music // Carl Harms & David James Elliot

No Retreat No Surrender // Star Wars: Rogue One Trailer // Audiomachine // Harry Lightfoot

Tangled Earth // The Lost City of Z – UK Trailer // Audiomachine // Paul Dinletir

This is Not a Drill // Fallen Trailer // Extreme Music // Audio Android & Red Earth

You Promised Me Love // Lemon Official Trailer // Extreme Music // Dave Antrell

Call The Shots // Dream fall Chapters – Two Worlds Trailer // Universal Production Music // Louise Dowd & Antoinette Halliday

Final Frontier // EVE Online Trailer // Extreme Music // Thomas Bergersen

Rage Zone // Tekken 7 Trailer // Universal Production Music // Raffael Gruber & Matthias Ullrich

Runway Walk // Ghost Recon Wildlands Expansion Trailer // Extreme Music // Xzibit & Demerick Shelton Ferm

Building Blocks // Porsche Motorsport // Extreme Music // Lee Richardson, Richard Macklin, Tom Ford & James Cocozza

Ne Tirez Pas Sur Le Bassiste // Jigsaw // Universal Production Music // Paul Piot

The Art of Progress // Martell // SuperPitch // Nicolas Martin & Robin Leclair

The Enchanted // Lexus //Universal Production Music // Andrew James Barnabus & Paul Arnold

The Passing of Time //  Activia //SuperPitch // Johann Sebastian Bach, Matteo Locasciulli

Run // Valvoline // VideoHelper // Aaron Sapp

The Production Music Awards are teaming up with PRS Foundation, the UK’s leading funder of new music and talent development, to celebrate new talent in the Production Music industry. The PRS Foundation Award for Best Newcomer will highlight a talented new writer, bringing something fresh to the field of production music. This year’s nominees are:

Colin Benders // Extreme Music

Colin Benders, a.k.a. Kyteman, is a Dutch producer with an affinity towards “Impossible Projects”. This has seen him wear many hats, most recently a live electronic project produced entirely with modular synthesizers. Colin signed a 7 track album to Extreme Music (his first venture into production music) last year, it has been received well by clients due to its unique take on the electronic music genre. The tracks are simple in design yet complex in composition, mixing neo classical melodies and with 80s sound design and heavy almost EDM-equse bass synths.

Colin has another album in the works which we can’t wait to hear.
Watch him build his Extreme Music published track ‘Root Canal Therapy’ from the ground up in this jaw dropping video.

Gary Royant // SuperPitch

Gary Royant is a Paris-based freelance music composer and producer. Mostly inspired by his neighborhood, the charming and village-like quartier of Montmartre, as well as by his many trips around the world. While his music bears clear influences from pieces and songs he extracts from the past, Royant creatively carves out his own personal dimension into the future.
His works have found their place in advertisement (L’Oréal, Citroën, Somfy), in short and full-length movies (Moonwalkers), and on radio waves (France Inter).

Glen Brown // Felt Music

Glen is a young and versatile Composer with experience writing and producing both library and bespoke music for broadcast and advertising. At 24, his music has already appeared on advertisements for brands such as Pepsi, Glamour Magazine and Groupon. In addition, a selection of his library works were used on season 1 of The Grand Tour.

MODIFIER (Sean Kerwin & Chris Shelswell) // I’m not a machine music

MODIFIER is Sean Kerwin and Chris Shelswell, two Scottish musicians living on opposite sides of the earth, creating electronic music between the UK and New Zealand. Both electronic music obsessives, on a spectrum of thumping techno to blissful electronica. Equally inspired by underground club culture and filmic soundscapes, Modifier seek to create music that is beautifully electronic and intricately melodic.

Tim Benjamin // JW Media Music

Tim is a hugely talented composer and musician who in the last few years has started composing production music. Tim is a rare musician in the production music collective coming from a successful background of Opera, Modern Classical and Electronic. He won the BBC Young Composer of the year in 1993 and has his Operas performed all over the world. His debut library album, JW2246 Cinematic Piano brings together his love of live recording at the Machester RCM and his natural penchant to add an element of the unusual. Tim’s second album for us JW2255 The Forgotten has already been described by clients as ‘one of the outstanding library albums of the year’. Tim worked his musical magic and created an album of modern classical beauty and placed a wonderful juxtaposition of slide guitar from one of the most synched guitarists in the UK production music scene.
Tim brings something different to the production music industry, a late entrant but a worthy entrant. He composes and performs beautiful , syncable original music in an industry which needs something which brings us back to the grass roots.

To encourage musicians from all backgrounds, ages and ethnicity into our community to keep it vibrant and fresh and valid is essential. To work with Tim, with this experience and ability to compose beautiful music is a real privilege and we are sure he will be a name you will hear often across the production music libraries.