We’re sorry to announce that Tune Up will not be taking place in 2019. A word from organiser Richard Canavan…

“When we first started making plans for Tune Up (alongside the awards) back in 2013, there was a real need for media composer focused events in the UK. Opportunities for writers to learn from industry leaders, and engage with supervisors and channels were few and far between. It was in this context that Tune Up was launched the following year.

In the five years that the event has been running, the landscape has changed significantly for the better. Media composers (in the South East at least) have a whole host of opportunities to attend events intended to support their development. This is a good thing!

Those who know a little about Tune Up may be aware that tickets have always been sold at the lowest possible price. The philosophy behind Tune Up has always been to put on an event that is accessible to writers at all levels, and this means keeping ticket prices as low as possible. This has been possible in the past as a result of sponsorship, generous library support and essentially having the Production Music Awards foot the bill. Tune Up has never made a profit.

I have received tremendous support organising the event over the years, particularly from Ben McAvoy and in 2018 from Charlotte Partt. Even with that support, organising Tune Up involves at least a couple of months work, which I have always taken on unpaid. For a number of personal and professional reasons this simply isn’t practical in 2019.

I’d like to offer a massive thank you to everyone who has attended the event over the past five years, and to everyone who has taken part or given time for free to help make it happen. The event has always really been about a community of people getting together to encourage and support others in the industry. Much more than a day of talks and panels, it is this community which I’ll miss the most.

Thanks again to everybody involved!”

Richard Canavan