Ekta Saran // Director

Featured Judge: Ekta Saran

Five years ago, the award-winning Ekta Saran transitioned from a conceptualiser of ideas for leading multinational creative agencies to a storyteller as an independent filmmaker and director. She immediately garnered recognition for her talent to capture and express compelling human narratives.

Ever since, she has been sought after to artistically convey individual and brand-centric narratives, both locally and internationally for a range of prestigious clientele, including Volkswagen, Lexus, Redbull, Chanel and more. Her unique and distinctive visual style creates evocative stories with poignant character understanding and powerful cinematic imagery.

She also makes personal projects such as ‘Chasing Bur Dubai’ which in 2016 was featured in The National amongst other publications and recently co-directed a short ‘Karama 267’ that was featured on the Daily Shorts.

You can find her work here: www.ektasaran.com