Best Acoustic Pop / Rock 2021

Afterglow // BMG Production Music // RIIVER, Rob Cass, Joseph Taylor

Beat-Up Car // KPM Music // Dylan Patrick, Andrew Michael Britton

Keep You Close //  The Home of Happy (BMG Production Music) // Jamie Fraser

Revolution // BMG Production Music // Joseph Taylor, Rob Cass, Tom Joel Michael Addisson

When Love Is Gone // KPM Music // Jason Tarver, Blake Devon

You Shook Me // Extreme Music // Leo David Wyndham

Best Ambient / Minimalist 2021

A Wondrous Illusion // PARIGO // Stéphane Delplanque

Metatheory // BMG Production Music // Will Brown

Mirror Lake // Strophic Music // Jodie Grayer

Ocean // Extreme Music // Johnny Woollen, Johnny Wollen’s Mate

Secrets & Wonders // CosMind Production Music (Boom Music) // Glenn Cartier, Brandon Mancuso

Tomorrow And Forever Ambience // CosMind Production Music (Boom Music) // Matthew Rees

Best Contemporary Classical 2021

A Delicate Unravelling // London Sync //  Michael Burns

Dividing Opinion // London Sync – Thomas Kincaid

Elegant Murder // VideoHelper //  Joseph Saba, Stewart Winter

Inspirational Moment // KPM Music –  Evan Jolly

Reborn // 1107 Studios // Jack Edward Bennett

Tempus Fugit // Out/Standard // Matteo Tronchin

Best Dance 2021

Addicted To You // The Home Of Happy (BMG Production Music) // Dean McGinnes, Sean Ahern

Born To Be Brave // Ninja Tune Production Music // Daniel Arnold

Dance Crazy // Clear Wave Music (BMG Production Music) // Steven Bush

Feel It // Counter Music (Boost Music Publishing) // Nathan Cross

Feel the Vibe // VideoHelper // William Werwath

Rule Breaker // SuperPitch (BMG Production Music) // Marius Lenoir, Gary Waitzmann

Best Electronic 2021

Beatific Baby // BMG Production Music (Altitude Music) // Ross Gilmartin, Alexander Bryce

By Night Remix // Cavendish Music // Dom Howard, Laurent Dury

Freefall // BMG Production Music (Black Red Gold) //  Baghiira, Tonio Geugelin

Harlequin’s Carnival // JW Media Music // Doug Barclay

Heaven on Earth // SuperPitch (BMG Production Music) // Basil & Lemon

I Don’t Know How // Extreme Music // Forest Knot

Best Folk 2021

Another Place // Extreme Music // Alexander Condliffe, Noah Booth, Dolly Mavies

At The Hotel // KPM Music // Fiona Harte

Running Wild // Score & Songs // April Adams, Paul Stanborough

Sir Francis Drake // Extreme Music // Spiro, Alexander Hywel Vann, Jon Hunt, Jane Harbour, Jason Lee Sparkes

Small Town Swagger // BMG Production Music (Evolution Media music) // Jonathan David Barlow

Sooner Or Later // Score & Songs // April Adams, Paul Stanborough

Best Hip Hop / Rap 2021

Faith // Extreme Music // EMAN8, Brandyn Robert Burnette, James Morales, Matthew A Morales

Gotta Go Up // BMG Production Music (Appears Next) // Jason Turnbull, Danielle Jones, Augustus McNair Jr.

NY Parigo // PARIGO // Ugly Mac Beer, Rodney Lucas

Original // SuperPitch (BMG Production Music) // Leo Eli

Warp Zone (Feat. Kokane) // PARIGO // Bonetrips, Liqid, Kokane

Young Fire // 1107 Studios Limited //  Stephen William Cornish

Best Indie / Alternative 2021

Breathe Again // Extreme Music // David O’Dowda

Daydrunk // Extreme Music // Malory

Head Up // CosMind Production Music (Boom Music) // Carson Blaze, Martin Bak

Let The Rain In // BMG Production Music (At the Studios) // Holly Henderson

Staring At The Stars (From The Gutter) // Extreme Music // Diamond Dust, Jamie Stephen Hall, Daniel Mark Farrant, Paul Rawson

We Got More // Beats Bakery (We Love) // Patrick McManus

Best Jazz 2021

Cats Orchestra // My Music Library // Manuel Faivre, Ellen Birath

In The Whole Wide World // BMG Production Music (Selectracks Song Catalog) // Craig Gildner

Mystical Island // PremiumBeat // Frank LoCrasto (Eldorado)

Outer Boroughs // Boost Music Publishing Ltd (Zone Music) // James Watson

Shimmy Shake // My Music Library // Manuel Faivre, Ellen Birath

Walking Free // London Sync // Idris Rahman, Robin Hopcraft

Best Pop 2021

Breathe // The Home Of Happy (BMG Production Music) // Lana McDonagh, Alistair Hetherington

Need Your Remedy // MYMA // Tom Hillock, Nicolas Boscovic, Ashley Clark

Original Me // BMG Production Music (Selectracks Song Catalog) // Scott Stallone

Rise Up Let’s Go // West One Music Group // Amy C. McKnight

Sit Back Down // Cavendish Music // Conor Simpkins, Oliver Green, Alessandro Gigante, Roberto Gigante, Rob Irving

There She Goes // Score & Songs // Tom Stubbs, Dan Gautreau

Best Rock 2021

Calibos // KPM Music // The Van Patterson Group AKA James Lee Homes, Robert Terry Homes

Dare Me // The Home of Happy (BMG Production Music // Lana McDonagh, Wayne Murray

Help Me My People // Wrong Planet Music (BMG Production Music) // Greg Blackman, Chris Hollis, Nicolas Kozuch

Love Skinned Me Alive // Extreme Music // Diamond Dust, Jamie Stephen Hall, Daniel Mark Farrant, Paul Rawson

Right Man In The Wrong World // BMG Production Music (Altitude Music) // Jake Shillingford, Nicholas William Evans

Trouble Maker // JW Media Music Ltd // Martin Roux, Piergiorgio Ciarla

Best Score 2021

Classically Curious // 1107 Studios // Nathan William Klein, Andrew John Skeet

Fragile Beauty // CosMind Production Music (Boom Music) // Glenn Cartier, Brandon Mancuso

Guilty // KPM Music // Laura Rossi Guilty

Professor Bartholomews Strange Ways // Extreme Music // Dr Ignatius Cole

Stratagems & Spoils // Wrong Planet Music (BMG Production Music) // James Jones

Unusual Suspect // PARIGO // Jean-Michel Vallet, Claire Michael, Patrick Chartol

Best World 2021

Bliss (Ahir Bhairav) // Extreme Music // Shashwat Sachdev

Chekeru Chekere // West One Music Group // Diana M. Gonzalez Becerra

Dharma // Extreme Music // Sashwat Sachdev

Midsommar // KPM Music // Johan Kristoffer Hugosson, Stuart Martyn Miller

United // Reliable Source Music // James Pickering, Jess Cox

Wandering Lover // West One Music Group // Parham Bahadoran

Best Wildcard 2021

(Please) Just Shut Up // VideoHelper // Joseph Saba, Stewart Winter (Please) Just Shut Up –

Beautiful Days // Standard Music Library // Fabian Jolivet, Maya Thaman

French Kiss // SuperPitch (BMG Production Music) // Ky Phung François Nguyen, Vasily Igor

Just Click // 1107 Studios // Ophir Kutiel

Mango Banana // SuperPitch (BMG Production Music) // Mowave

Sleight Of Hand // No Sheet Music // Jem Godfrey

Best Use of Production Music in Television Advertising 2021

Back To The Realness // Master The Ball with Pokémon & England Football // WotNot Music // Liam Iliffe

Heart Of Courage // Amazon Alexa – Ironing // Extreme Music // Thomas Bergersen

Kool Kut // Channel 4 kicks off The Great High Street Comeback // Out/Standard // Oliver Williams, Chevy One

Spend it All // KFC – Poke Bowl // Jaguarec (BMG Production Music) // Rob Bagshaw, Nigel Thompson, Emily Taylor

Square Eye Ska // Old Jamaica Ginger Beer – Get The Sunshine Vibe // BMG Production Music (Altitude Music) // Tim Forrester, Tam Nightingale

The King Immortal // Clean My Mac – Bomb // Cezame Music Agency (UpRight Music) // Baptiste Thiry

Best Use of Production Music in a Sports Promo 2021

Dark Empire // Messi v Ronaldo – Virgin Media Sport // BMG Production Music (X-Ray Dog) // Chris Field

Digalo Cantando (BACKGROUND) // NASCAR – Nuevo Fan // VideoHelper // Saul Guanipa

Rising // ATA Football – The New Home Of Women’s Football // BMG Production Music (Must Save Jane) // Ozzie Rodgers, Victoria Beaumont

Tempus Fugit 2030 // DAZN UEFA Women’s Champions League // Out/Standard // Matteo Tronchin

The Burning Sun // Formula 1 coverage on Channel 4 // Counter Music (Boost Music publishing) // Vincent Welch

Time To Die // Womens Six Nations 2021  // Extreme Music // Tony Lee Stafford Jr, Michael Dennis Smith, Skye Thomas Harry Emanuel, Griffin Young, Jacopo Trifone, Billie Ray Fingers

Best Use of Production Music in a Film Trailer 2021

Born To Be A VIP // Dog Gone Trouble Trailer // Extreme Music // Richard Macklin, Sebastian Thomas Truman, Eloise Daisy Weeks

Everythings Gotta Go // Blast Beat Trailer // Extreme Music // Kelwen Cooke, Daniel Knight

Final Minutes // The Courier Trailer // BMG Production Music (Must Save Jane) // Kyle Booth

Mastadon // Rising Phoenix Trailer // BMG Production Music (Altitude Music) // Ross Gilmartin

The Game // Shirley Trailer // Elephant Music // Murugan Thiruchelvam, Martyn Corbet

Vicarious // Dune Trailer // Audiomachine // Mark Petrie

Best Use of Production Music in Digital / Online Advertising 2021

Brace For Impact (Ft. Raxstar) // Xbox Wireless Headset – Launch Trailer // Extreme Music // Lee Richardson, Jonathan Murrill, Tom Ford, James Carlo Giorgio Cocozza, Raxstar

Cylon // YT Industries – Return Of The Goat II // Ninja Tune Production Music // Thomas Belton

Dream // Today We Rise – Girl Up/United Nations Foundation // 1107 Studios // Jack Edward Bennett

Etron // Gemini Litepanel // KPM Music // Michael Werner Maas

Je Suis La // Huawei Mate X2 // Out/Standard LTD // Dominic Wolf

Masterpiece // Aston Martin – Purveyors of Power // Out/Standard LTD // John Ross