Previous Winners

Production Music Awards 2022



Come Home // KPM Music (Score & Songs) // Jeffrey Lloyd Ross, Paul Cleveland

January // Extreme Music // Jeremy Warmsley

Keep on Moving // Cavendish Music // Michael Thomas Jones

Neon Lights // BMG Production Music (The Den) // Dominic James Butler, David Stuart Henshaw, Daniel Peter Fielding, Joseph Mark Lawrenson, Joseph Edward Montague

Something in the Water // Extreme Music // Malory Torr

When I’m Without You // BMG Production Music (At the Studios) // Bonnie Baleshare, Karina Julia Ramage


Cave Water // Extreme Music // Praers

Desert Winds // Score and Songs // Tom Howe, Tori Letzler

Interlunar // KPM Music (Juice Music) // Alan Fresco, Smokey Joe-Benson, Marcel Bolano, Merrick Day

Optimism In Tension // Standard Music Library // Western Analogue

Polar Eyes // Extreme Music // James Everingham

Taking the Plunge // Klanglobby Production Music // Lorenzo Pesci


Living For The Music // Parigo // 2080

Mad Thing // SuperPitch (BMG Production Music) // Gary Waitzmann

Never Give Up // SuperPitch (BMG Production Music) // The Halfside

Raise You Up // Cavendish Music // Peter Darling, William Featherby, Walter Magnum Peterson

Siren Scream // VideoHelper // Saul Guanipa

Where Did You Sleep Last Night // BMG Production Music (At The Studios) // Louis Cillian Ryan Where


Chase on the Ring Road // Cezame Music Agency // Arthur Dutil

Flutter // 1107 Studios // Lawrence Mau Yip Wong, Aleksandrs Hromcovs, Benjamin Ian Cocks

Get Money Get Money // Extreme Music // Stuart Winters, Tiger Gates, Alex Nova

Kettle Door // BMG Production Music (Deep East Music) // Marla Martinez

Refraction // Felt Music // Stuart Dale Thomas, Thomas James Trueman

Trash the Breaks // Cavendish Music // Freddie Prest


Catch Me If I Fall // KPM Music (Juice Music) // Knightstown, John Bisset

Come Home // Score & Songs (KPM Music) // Paul Cleveland, Jeffrey Lloyd Ross

Head for the Light // Extreme Music // Tyler Del Pino

In the Middle of the Night // MYMA // Nicolas Raynier, Aude Isorce

Silver Lining // MYMA // Thomas Frinking, Jemma Johnson

The Devil’s Rope // Extreme Music // Mike Murray


Black Light // BMG Production Music (Appears Next) // Knives At Sea, Ed Swinburne, Darrell Hill-Jervey, Melvin Eugene Brown

Broken Dreams // MYMA // Alex Math, Rudolph Radcliff Ludford, Charles Antoine Debouit

Flexing // The Home of Happy (BMG Production Music) // Max Bronco, Adam Connor

Just Can’t Tell at All // Cavendish Music (5Alarm) // Julisa Wilson, Samuel Grace, Stephen Ruchelman

Look At Me Go // West One Music Group // Aizen Stokes, Adela Hassan, Madli Kents

Win or Lose, It’s What I Do (ft. The MIDI Mafia, Chel Strong) // Extreme Music // Lorne Balfe, Steve Kofsky, Russell Emanuel, Kevin Risto, Chelson Strong



Finally Summer // BMG Production Music (At The Studios) // Lydia Mary Clowes, Teresa Origone

Golden Notebook // Cavendish Music // Blaise Benwell

Higher Realms // VideoHelper // Matt Haick

Liquid Sunshine // BMG Production Music (Altitude Music)  Bea Parks, Jack Lake, Mike Monaghan, Tomas Greenhalf

Shadows in my Downtime // MediaTracks Music // Simon Bradshaw (WeatheredMan)

The Great Divide // KPM Music (The Nightingale Library) // Andrew George Sheppard


Breakfast Blues // London Sync // Sean Hargreaves, Alexander Brown

Dreamtime // Extreme Music // The Sunset Sound featuring Shelby Lynne

Dry Martini // MYMA // Leonard Desarthe

Frozen Waves // Extreme Music // Johnny Rucker, Danny Fernleigh, Peter Fraser, Marlo Wolf

Juste M’balader (Just take a walk) // West One Music Group // Thomas J Feterman

What a Time To Be Alive // London Sync // Thomas Kincaid, Julia Biel


All I Know // De Wolfe Music // Daniel Davies

Catch Me Falling // Felt Music // Lewis Amoroso, Adir Tov

I Wanna See You Try // 1107 Studios // Marta Malgorzata Galuszewska, Andre Filipe Solar Vasconcelos, Joe Walter Ulmer, Apoena Ferreira Frota

Ready to Love You // The Home of Happy (BMG Production Music) // Adriana Stone, Niamh Ann Quinn, Penguin Asylum, Janet Grogan

Walk Through The Stars // SuperPitch (BMG Production Music) // Vasily Igor, Jérémy Barlozzo

You Got Me All You Want // The Home of Happy (BMG Production Music) // Jaco Prince, Markus Hughes 


Feed Me To The Wolves // Out/Standard // Laura Mary Carter

Feel The Energy // SuperPitch (BMG Production Music) // Vasily Igor, Jérémy Barlozzo

In My Eyes // Parigo // Franck Sinnassamy, Rebecca Meyer

Let The Rain In // BMG Production Music (At The Studios) // Holly Henderson

Make It Happen // SuperPitch (BMG Production Music) // Vasily Igor, Jérémy Barlozzo

No Regrets // Extreme Music // Devin Hoffman, Jessica Kline, Kiel a Feher


Band of Explorers // 1107 Studios // William Lyons, Benjamin Ian Cocks

By the Lake // Klanglobby Production Music // Paul Cassidy

Crystallize // Extreme Music // Thomas Bergersen

Hymn for the Fallen // Score & Songs // Tom Howe, David Jones

Mother // Sneaky Biscuit // Mark Doggett

Valorous // Cezame Music Agency (Infinity Scores) // Gabriel Saban


From Source to Sea // Cavendish Music // Lawrence Mau-Yip Wong, James Nathan Jeremy Jones

Tremble Ye Mighty // BMG Production Music (Must Save Jane) // Andrew Skrabutenas

Megalith // Nova Production Music (Universal Production Music) // Si Begg, Damon Baxter

The Royal Court // Cezame Music Agency (Cezame Trailers) // Gabriel Saban

The Sword Decides // VideoHelper // Joseph Saba, Stewart Winter

What you Wish 4 // Extreme Music // Tony Stafford Jr, Michael Smith, NineOneOne, Andrew Christie


Aye Kamine // BMG Production Music (Audio Atlas) // Aditya Narayan, Nayantara Bhatkal

Ignite // Hot Source // James Morpeth, Oscar Hill

La Cucaracha // Extreme Music // Mitre

Prefiero perderte // West One Music Group // Eliane Correa

On The Street // Sneaky Biscuit // Pascal Glanville

Vigilant // West One Music Group // Tresor Kiambu, Oliver Williams (The Busy Twist)


Amen // Extreme Music // Lee Richardson, Jonathan Murrill, Tom Ford, James Cocozza, Robyn Johnson

Body Yoghurt // Extreme Music // The Meat Sweaters

Royale with Cheese // Cavendish Music // Leo Royale, Jack Lake,Tomas Joseph Greenhalf, Bea Parks

Silly Yodeling // SuperPitch (BMG Production Music) // Housequake, McMalaise

This Is It // The Home of Happy (BMG Production Music) // Holley Gray, Jessica Leonie Rose Greenfield

Tumbling Down // KPM Music // Lewis Henry Amoroso, Alexander Rudd, Zach Lemmon



Dresden // Don’t Worry Darling // Elephant Music // Simon George Begg

We Just get One Life // Fireheart // Extreme Music // Tony Stafford Jr, Michael Smith, NineOneOne

Venom Perfected // Last Looks // Extreme Music // Lee Richardson, Jonathan Murrill, Tom Ford, James Cocozza, Chantilly Kornegay

Sunny Stroll // Phantom of the Open // KPM Music // John Neville Rufus Altman

Mind Maze // The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window // BMG Production Music (Altitude Music) // Sam Thompson, Jenny Plant

Heroes Among Us // We Feed People (National Geographic / Disney+) // VideoHelper // Florian Gravouil

Production Music Awards 2021



Afterglow // BMG Production Music // RIIVER, Rob Cass, Joseph Taylor

Beat-Up Car // KPM Music // Dylan Patrick, Andrew Michael Britton

Keep You Close //  The Home of Happy (BMG Production Music) // Jamie Fraser

Revolution // BMG Production Music // Joseph Taylor, Rob Cass, Tom Joel Michael Addisson

When Love Is Gone // KPM Music // Jason Tarver, Blake Devon

You Shook Me // Extreme Music // Leo David Wyndham


A Wondrous Illusion // PARIGO // Stéphane Delplanque

Metatheory // BMG Production Music // Will Brown

Mirror Lake // Strophic Music // Jodie Grayer

Ocean // Extreme Music // Johnny Woollen, Johnny Wollen’s Mate

Secrets & Wonders // CosMind Production Music (Boom Music) // Glenn Cartier, Brandon Mancuso

Tomorrow And Forever Ambience // CosMind Production Music (Boom Music) // Matthew Rees


A Delicate Unravelling // London Sync //  Michael Burns

Dividing Opinion // London Sync – Thomas Kincaid

Elegant Murder // VideoHelper //  Joseph Saba, Stewart Winter

Inspirational Moment // KPM Music –  Evan Jolly

Reborn // 1107 Studios // Jack Edward Bennett

Tempus Fugit // Out/Standard // Matteo Tronchin


Beatific Baby // BMG Production Music (Altitude Music) // Ross Gilmartin, Alexander Bryce

By Night Remix // Cavendish Music // Dom Howard, Laurent Dury

Freefall // BMG Production Music (Black Red Gold) //  Baghiira, Tonio Geugelin

Harlequin’s Carnival // JW Media Music // Doug Barclay

Heaven on Earth // SuperPitch (BMG Production Music) // Basil & Lemon

I Don’t Know How // Extreme Music // Forest Knot


Another Place // Extreme Music // Alexander Condliffe, Noah Booth, Dolly Mavies

At The Hotel // KPM Music // Fiona Harte

Running Wild // Score & Songs // April Adams, Paul Stanborough

Sir Francis Drake // Extreme Music // Spiro, Alexander Hywel Vann, Jon Hunt, Jane Harbour, Jason Lee Sparkes

Small Town Swagger // BMG Production Music (Evolution Media music) // Jonathan David Barlow

Sooner Or Later // Score & Songs // April Adams, Paul Stanborough


Faith // Extreme Music // EMAN8, Brandyn Robert Burnette, James Morales, Matthew A Morales

Gotta Go Up // BMG Production Music (Appears Next) // Jason Turnbull, Danielle Jones, Augustus McNair Jr.

NY Parigo // PARIGO // Ugly Mac Beer, Rodney Lucas

Original // SuperPitch (BMG Production Music) // Leo Eli

Warp Zone (Feat. Kokane) // PARIGO // Bonetrips, Liqid, Kokane

Young Fire // 1107 Studios Limited //  Stephen William Cornish


Breathe Again // Extreme Music // David O’Dowda

Daydrunk // Extreme Music // Malory

Head Up // CosMind Production Music (Boom Music) // Carson Blaze, Martin Bak

Let The Rain In // BMG Production Music (At the Studios) // Holly Henderson

Staring At The Stars (From The Gutter) // Extreme Music // Diamond Dust, Jamie Stephen Hall, Daniel Mark Farrant, Paul Rawson

We Got More // Beats Bakery (We Love) // Patrick McManus


Cats Orchestra // My Music Library // Manuel Faivre, Ellen Birath

In The Whole Wide World // BMG Production Music (Selectracks Song Catalog) // Craig Gildner

Mystical Island // PremiumBeat // Frank LoCrasto (Eldorado)

Outer Boroughs // Boost Music Publishing Ltd (Zone Music) // James Watson

Shimmy Shake // My Music Library // Manuel Faivre, Ellen Birath

Walking Free // London Sync // Idris Rahman, Robin Hopcraft


Breathe // The Home Of Happy (BMG Production Music) // Lana McDonagh, Alistair Hetherington

Need Your Remedy // MYMA // Tom Hillock, Nicolas Boscovic, Ashley Clark

Original Me // BMG Production Music (Selectracks Song Catalog) // Scott Stallone

Rise Up Let’s Go // West One Music Group // Amy C. McKnight

Sit Back Down // Cavendish Music // Conor Simpkins, Oliver Green, Alessandro Gigante, Roberto Gigante, Rob Irving

There She Goes // Score & Songs // Tom Stubbs, Dan Gautreau


Calibos // KPM Music // The Van Patterson Group AKA James Lee Homes, Robert Terry Homes

Dare Me // The Home of Happy (BMG Production Music // Lana McDonagh, Wayne Murray

Help Me My People // Wrong Planet Music (BMG Production Music) // Greg Blackman, Chris Hollis, Nicolas Kozuch

Love Skinned Me Alive // Extreme Music // Diamond Dust, Jamie Stephen Hall, Daniel Mark Farrant, Paul Rawson

Right Man In The Wrong World // BMG Production Music (Altitude Music) // Jake Shillingford, Nicholas William Evans

Trouble Maker // JW Media Music Ltd // Martin Roux, Piergiorgio Ciarla


Classically Curious // 1107 Studios // Nathan William Klein, Andrew John Skeet

Fragile Beauty // CosMind Production Music (Boom Music) // Glenn Cartier, Brandon Mancuso

Guilty // KPM Music // Laura Rossi Guilty

Professor Bartholomews Strange Ways // Extreme Music // Dr Ignatius Cole

Stratagems & Spoils // Wrong Planet Music (BMG Production Music) // James Jones

Unusual Suspect // PARIGO // Jean-Michel Vallet, Claire Michael, Patrick Chartol


Bliss (Ahir Bhairav) // Extreme Music // Shashwat Sachdev

Chekeru Chekere // West One Music Group // Diana M. Gonzalez Becerra

Dharma // Extreme Music // Sashwat Sachdev

Midsommar // KPM Music // Johan Kristoffer Hugosson, Stuart Martyn Miller

United // Reliable Source Music // James Pickering, Jess Cox

Wandering Lover // West One Music Group // Parham Bahadoran


(Please) Just Shut Up // VideoHelper // Joseph Saba, Stewart Winter (Please) Just Shut Up –

Beautiful Days // Standard Music Library // Fabian Jolivet, Maya Thaman

French Kiss // SuperPitch (BMG Production Music) // Ky Phung François Nguyen, Vasily Igor

Just Click // 1107 Studios // Ophir Kutiel

Mango Banana // SuperPitch (BMG Production Music) // Mowave

Sleight Of Hand // No Sheet Music // Jem Godfrey



Born To Be A VIP // Dog Gone Trouble Trailer // Extreme Music // Richard Macklin, Sebastian Thomas Truman, Eloise Daisy Weeks

Everythings Gotta Go // Blast Beat Trailer // Extreme Music // Kelwen Cooke, Daniel Knight

Final Minutes // The Courier Trailer // BMG Production Music (Must Save Jane) // Kyle Booth

Mastadon // Rising Phoenix Trailer // BMG Production Music (Altitude Music) // Ross Gilmartin

The Game // Shirley Trailer // Elephant Music // Murugan Thiruchelvam, Martyn Corbet

Vicarious // Dune Trailer // Audiomachine // Mark Petrie


Born To Be A VIP // Dog Gone Trouble Trailer // Extreme Music // Richard Macklin, Sebastian Thomas Truman, Eloise Daisy Weeks

Everythings Gotta Go // Blast Beat Trailer // Extreme Music // Kelwen Cooke, Daniel Knight

Final Minutes // The Courier Trailer // BMG Production Music (Must Save Jane) // Kyle Booth

Mastadon // Rising Phoenix Trailer // BMG Production Music (Altitude Music) // Ross Gilmartin

The Game // Shirley Trailer // Elephant Music // Murugan Thiruchelvam, Martyn Corbet

Vicarious // Dune Trailer // Audiomachine // Mark Petrie

Production Music Awards 2019



A Song For The Soul // BMG Production Music (Altitude Music) // Michael Emmerson, Amy Collins

Cornucopia // Extreme Music // Malory Torr, Danny McLauchlan

Enough // Universal Production Music (Focus Music (Publishing)) // Christopher Paul Chalaye, James George

Going Somewhere // Bam Library // Alice Lépine

Keep Your Head Down // BMG Production Music (The Den) // Beck Goldsmith, Jon Dix, Aaron Doyle, Chris Seddon

One Of A Million (Ft. Lauren Evans, Dina Rae) // Extreme Music (MADE) // Adam Wesley Hayman, Daniel Bonner Gordon, Lauren K Evans, Dina Rae Franks


Cloud Castle // VideoHelper // Florian Gravouil

Dreaming // Universal Production Music (Bruton Music) // Sebastian David Vyvyan Vivian

Final Journey // ALIBI Music // Darius Holbert

Heaven Society // No Sheet Music // John Winston, James George

Line In The Dirt // Bam Library // Ben Mclusky

Wind Rising // MYMA // Tom Hillock, Nicolas Boscovic


All My Life // MYMA // Thomas Frinking

Everything For Love // Universal Production Music (Atmosphere Music) // Christopher James Dececio

Infinite Flux // Extreme Music // Lee Richardson, Tom Ford, Jonathan Murrill, James Cocozza

Riverbed // Extreme Music // Nick Kingsley, Margot Maxine

Squash Skills // No Sheet Music // Fred Prest



Blacklight // PremiumBeat // Oliver Lyu

Deep Inside // Bam Library // Bastien Deshayes

Game On // Cavendish Music // Jamie Wilder

Perfect Swarm // Extreme Music // Tom Griffiths, Adam Zapel, Alex Nova

Puma Fight // WotNot Music // Danny Solimene, Jeremy Sliwerski

Victory Time // BMG Production Music (AXS Music) // Tiborg


Andale // Universal Production Music (Bruton Music) // Claire Lea Barnhart, Chris Mathieu, Jonathan Josue Monroy, Matthew Todd Naylor

Boats // JW Media Music Ltd // Rob Clydesdale, Jonathan Miller

Me, Myself // West One Music Group // Niamh Farrell, Ted Kelly, Joshua R. C. Kelly, Elsa M. R. Kelly, Jean-Christophe Morel

Mine All Mine // Extreme Music // Raphael Lake, Evan Gibb, Renn Anderson, Taylor Mathews

Sunburst Smile // Ninja Tune Production Music // Michael Steven Bishop, Richard Walmsley

Together We Stand // Cavendish Music // Oliver Price, Lewis Fieldhouse


Bout To Blow // Extreme Music // Lee Richardson, Jonathan Murrill, Tom Ford, James Cocozza, Thomas Johnston, Gary Mercer

City Luxe // Universal Production Music (Bruton Music) // Beat Fatigue

Leggo // Bam Library // Jok’a’Face, Krysta Youngs

The Quest // MYMA // Nicolas Boscovic, Tom Hillock

This Ain’t Love // Bam Library // Bastien Deshayes, Brynne Crockett

We Gon’ Be Alright // Extreme Music // Raphael Lake, Aaron Levy, Wesley Eugene Smith Jr


Be Still Now // ALIBI Music // Jeff Dodson

Cut and Run // Indiesonics // Tom Wilkinson, James Bragg

Here We Are // Ninja Tune Production Music // Tom Jordan, Slim Perkins, Matt Fisher

Keep Walking // VideoHelper // Saul Guanipa

Moonlight // Extreme Music (Saint Rogue Records) // L’Freaq

Rising Up // ALIBI Music // Brent Lindsay


Christmas Day // Universal Production Music (Primetime Productions) // Anders Paul Niska, Klas Johan Wahl, Niklas Ohlsson Gabrielsson

Grand Central // No Sheet Music // James Graydon, David Elliot, Zoltan Dekany

Ménage a Moi // No Sheet Music // James Nisbet

Opening Shot // BMG Production Music (Score Production Music) // Dick Walter

Speakin’ Ain’t Easy // Extreme Music // Mario Grigorov

Tango De Rojo // BMG Production Music (Selectracks) // Craig Gildner


Glow // SuperPitch // Ty Frankel, Sophie Gold

Homes // Compass Box Music // Meera Desai, Raag Sethi

Playelle // BMG Production Music (Tele Music) // Anais Mroz, Anthony Belguise, Stanislas Refet

Replay // No Sheet Music // John Winston, James George, Lily Juniper

Take On The World // Bam Library // Christopher James Dececio

Wonderland // Sprint Edge // Vince Peersman, Glenn Eddie Meul, Arno Marlier


Mountains // BMG Production Music (The Den) // Timothy Oxnard

Pressure Trigger // Universal Production Music (Bruton Music) // Will May

Quiero Bailar // PremiumBeat // Cecilia Gomez, Isaac Carpenter

Strong // Sharp // Samuel Fuller, Chloe Pamplin

Take It Back // No Sheet Music // Michel von Arx, Sarah Louise Wassall

The Greatest // Extreme Music (A Tone) // John Coggins


A Moment Of Joy // Boom Music Limited // Ben George

A Romantic Journey // PARIGO // Jean Michel Vallet, Claire Michael, Patrick Chartol

Aegean // Universal Production Music (Universal Trailer Series) // Samuel Karl Bohn

Dancing With Ghosts // Extreme Music // Fernando Velazquez

The Ocean Depths // Cavendish Music // Harry Lightfoot

Tragic Betrayal // SuperPitch // Max H


ATX-Sanctioned Magnus // ALIBI Music (Alibi Generator) // James Murray, Benjamin Joe Hayden

Rising // BMG Production Music (Must Save Jane) // Victoria Beaumont, Ozzie Rodgers

Shudder (RHYTHMIC) // VideoHelper // Joseph Saba, Stewar Winter

Stargazer // MYMA // Michael Maas

Staring At Myself // Bam Library // Christopher James Dececio, Andrea Obeid, Tierra Shepherd

Tree Of Life // MYMA // Michael Maas


Body Drum // Ninja Tune Production Music // Matthew Benyayer

Have Fun In Lagos // MYMA // Christophe Deschamps, Jerome Pichon, Nicolas Tuaillon

Mentiroso (Liar) // Extreme Music // Raphael Lake, Eric Brooks

Nabori // Universal Production Music (Focus Music Publishing) // Amy Caddies McKnight, Wiyaala, Chris Jefferson

The Seven Samurai // Universal Production Music (Atmosphere Music) // Dominik Luke Marsden Johnson, Alexius Tschallener

Una Vida Mejor // VideoHelper // Saul Guanipa


A Ghoul School // Boom Music Limited // Kevin Riley, Gerard Kouchtchouian

Do You Believe Me // Sharp // Enrico Tiberi

Hollywood Or Bust // PARIGO // Sebastien Blanchon, Emmanuel Maree, Ugly Mac Beer

San Diego Sunset // BMG Production Music (Amped) // Julian Emery, Adam Noble, James Hockley

The Sultans Emeralds // Soho Production Music // Henry Bowers Broadbent

Unleash The Devil // Extreme Music // Nick Kingsley, Jim Davies


Production Music Awards 2018



Astral // JW Media Music Ltd // Richard Keyworth

Blast Radius // Cavendish Music // Jake Shillingford, Nick Evans

Chasing Lights // StereoRoyal // David Schmidt

I Told You // Bam Library // Bastien Deshayes

Lost in Tokyo // Wrong Planet Music // Daniel Marchbank

Take Time // Studio Fontána // Arno Marlier, Glenn Eddie Meul, Alek Angelov, Vince Peersman


Driving Into The Sunset // CosMind Production Music // Thomas Hien

Goosebumps and Butterflies // Extreme Music // Daniel Mark Farrant, Paul Rawson

Hey // MYMA // Tom Hillock, David Krutten, Jennifer Jordan

I Am Woman //Extreme Music // Sybie Alexandra Ross-Talbot, Daniel Knight

July // Indiesonics // Ellie Ford, Harvey Summers, Andrew Stuart Buttle, Harry Haynes, Frederick Hills, Freya Bowes

On The Inside // BMG Production Music // Steven Fiore


Ain’t the Problem You Want // Extreme Music // Dumi Maraire, Raphael Lake, Aaron Levy

Driftin // JW Media Music Ltd (Black Label Music) // Hayley Briasco, Kenneth Brahmstedt, Lance Conrad, Brynne Crocket

Hometown Hero // SuperPitch // Ty FrankelNathan Bodiker, Michael Brewer

Hunt You Down (ft. Raxstar) // Extreme Music // Lee Richardson, Tom Ford, James Carlo Giorgio Cocozza, Jonathan Murrill, Raxstar

Ridiculous // Studio Fontána // Vince Peersman, Glenn Eddie Meul, Arno Marlier

Runnin // MYMA // Florent Sabaton, Cyril Crespo, Rudolph Radcliff Ludford


Carelessly // BMG Production Music // Caleb Evan Hawley

Lovestruck // Extreme Music // Nicholas Patrick Kingsley, Jade Elizabeth Pybus

Rapture // Extreme Music // Malory Torr, Danny Mclauchlan

Stuck // Anonymous Recordings Music Library // Robert Edwards, Little VioletBring The Funk Back // Black Label Music (JW Media Music Ltd ) // Lance Conrad, Duncan Emmanuel, Sarah Ruth Lanier

The Lights // Studio Fontána // Vince Peersman, Glenn Eddie Meul


Boom Boom Boom // PremiumBeat // Shane Allen, Isaac Carpenter

Free // Black Label Music (JW Media Music Ltd ) // Kenneth Brahmstedt

No One Stands Alone // Extreme Music // Raphael Lake, Thomas Collines, Daniel Ryan Murphy

Until The Day // BMG Production Music // Jon Dix, Stephen Collins

Wiseman // Bam Library // John Hillyard

Worse Than This // BMG Production Music // Jon Dix, Beck Goldsmith, Aaron Doyle, Chris Seddon


Balkan Beats // Pennybank Tunes (JW Media Music Ltd) // Georges Bodossian

Buena Onda // Extreme Music // Lee Richardson, Jon Murrill, Tom Ford, James Carlo Giorgio Cocozza, Harold Alejandro Guerrero Echavarria

Comrades Of The Red Army // Warner/Chappell Production Music // Richard M. Lauw, Martin Laschober, Thomas Weilguny, Juliana Neuhuber

Fortune Rising // VideoHelper // William Werwath

Hey Hey // Universal Production Music // Justin Black, Oscar Hill

Soweto In Spirit // BMG Production Music // David Clynick



Dance for Me // The Dark Tourist // Extreme Music // Saul Henry Owen Adamczewski, Nicholas Thomas Emmanuel Amour, Steven Thomas Jones, Gulzar Singh Lally

Monmarte // Gaga // Cavendish Music // Bruce Maginnis, Daniel Weltlinger

No Turning Back // UEFA Europa League Magazine // BMG Production Music // Lee Baker

Rise and Fall // Dope // Extreme Music // Tony Lee Stafford Jr, Alexander John, Michael Dennis Smith, Caitlin Alise Parrott

Production Music Awards 2017



Aloha – Meta // Tele Music // Alexandre Martin Delion & Joan Peron

Ballin’ // Sauce Music // Ty Frankel & Jack Chilcott

Don’t You Wanna // Bam Library // Thomas Didier & Bastien Deshayes

Haptic // I’m not a machine music // Sean KerwinChris Shelswell & Caragh Nugent

Radiant Warmth // VideoHelper // Saul Guanipa

Violet Letter // PremiumBeat // Louis-Étienne Santais (Aulx Studio)


Bat Shit Crazy // Extreme Music // James GrinderPaul Rawson & David William John

Devil You Know // ALIBI Music Library // Kent Scott Carter & Brent Lindsay

Monster // Cavendish Music // Joe Mesch & Hugo Russo

No Love // Extreme Music // TJ StaffordMichael Smidi Smith & Russell Emanuel

Rattle and Shake // VideoHelper // William Werwath

Western // Shomust Inc // Vanessa Caracci, Karim Hamida & Jerome Sallenave


A Darker Web // Universal Production Music // Steve Everitt

Call The Shots // Universal Production Music // Louise Bernadette Dowd & Antoinette Halliday

Fight Follows Flight // Indiesonics // Tom Anderson, Eleanor Ford, Andrew Stuart-Buttle, Kevin Murphy & Tim Bidwell

I Wish You’d Stay // SuperPitch // Matteo Locasciulli, Victor Galey & Jonathan James Andrew Spottiswoode

Quirky World // Focus Music // Nicholas Michael Hill, Von Hemingway & William Riddims

Warm Arms // VideoHelper // Saul Guanipa



Eternity // Volvic ‘Find Your Volcano’ // Tele Music // Alexandre Martin-Delion & Joan Peron

Fire Island // OVO Energy: Smooth // Focus Music // Robert J Walsh, Ron Dante & Ted Perlman

Gathering Clouds // ThinkBox: Discover the Power // Focus Music // Adam Saunders & Mark Stephen Cousins

Gentle Wind // Doritos: Heat Burst // Cavendish Music // Rob Laufer

Overbowed // Titleist: Performance // VideoHelper // Joseph Saba & Stewart Winter

Venture Beyond // Helly Hansen: Alive // Universal Production Music // Andrew Jame Prahlow


Forbidden Frontiers // Richie McCaw Six Nations’ Promo // Universal Production Music // Raffael Gruber & Matthias Ullrich

Hostile Tactics // Women’s Rugby World Cup Promo // Cavendish Music // Konstantine Pope, Glenn Herweijer & Ben Sumner

Protest Nation // Minnesota Wild Stadium Hype Up Promo // VideoHelper // Joseph Saba, Stewart Winter

Stomper // Women’s Sport on BT Sport // Cavendish Music // Lawrence Mau-Yip Wong


Call the Shots // Vikings Season 4 Trailer // Universal Production Music // Louise Dowd & Antoinette Halliday

Deceit & Betrayal // Music of the Mind Trailer // Audiomachine // Harry Lightfoot

Elements // Hard Knocks: Tampa Bay Buccaneers Trailer // Extreme Music // Colin Benders

Hunted // Grimm Series Finale Trailer // VideoHelper // William Werwath

Jungle // I’m Dying Up Here Trailer // Extreme Music // Jack Lewis, Max Lewis, Matthew Wilkinson & Caroline Lewis

Mad Typer // Californication Season 5 Trailer // Universal Production Music // Josef Peters


Hit The Open Road // My Life As A Courgette Trailer // JW Media Music Ltd // Tom Howe & David Jones

Life on the Line // Elle UK Trailer // Universal Production Music // Carl Harms & David James Elliot

No Retreat No Surrender // Star Wars: Rogue One Trailer // Audiomachine // Harry Lightfoot

Tangled Earth // The Lost City of Z – UK Trailer // Audiomachine // Paul Dinletir

This is Not a Drill // Fallen Trailer // Extreme Music // Audio Android & Red Earth

You Promised Me Love // Lemon Official Trailer // Extreme Music // Dave Antrell


Building Blocks // Porsche Motorsport // Extreme Music // Lee Richardson, Richard Macklin, Tom Ford & James Cocozza

Ne Tirez Pas Sur Le Bassiste // Jigsaw // Universal Production Music // Paul Piot

The Art of Progress // Martell // SuperPitch // Nicolas Martin & Robin Leclair

The Enchanted // Lexus //Universal Production Music // Andrew James Barnabus & Paul Arnold

The Passing of Time //  Activia //SuperPitch // Johann Sebastian Bach, Matteo Locasciulli

Run // Valvoline // VideoHelper // Aaron Sapp

Production Music Awards 2016



Deeper Desire // Universal Publishing Production Music // Henry Durham, Marc Williams

Golden Skies // Premiumbeat// Liam Clarke

Little Party Queen // SuperPitch // Next Is Best

Look What We Found //Universal Publishing Production Music // Amanda Leigh Wilson, Stephen William Cornish

My Desire // SuperPitch // Thibault Pierens

Skyline // Cezame Music Agency // Fabian Appolaire, Adrien Erra


Blow Up // Bam Library // Bastien Deshayes

Breathe // Crossbreed Music // Christopher White, Oliver Spink

Breath of Life // Tele Music // Alex Martin Delion, Joan Peron

Council House Soul // No Sheet Music // Danny Phillips, Blair Booth

Found a Cure // Extreme Music // Andrew Willingale, James Mclean

Keep This Going // Extreme Music // Jon Murrill, Lee Richardson, Tom Ford, James Cocozza, Sarah Jane Norman


Another Day // Dynamic Music // Leek Soup, Rasputin O’Shaughnessy, Territory Five, Jake Buffalo

Hushabye // Warner Chappell // Timothy Bidwell, Jennifer Dalby, Ewan Wallace

In Your Shadow // Tele Music // Mark Revell

Little Joy // Superpitch // Scott Feldman, Amber Quintero

So Much to Do // Cavendish Music // Jonathan Spottiswoode

We Had The World Then // Bibliotheque // Chris Boot, Ben Daniel, Timothy Bidwell, Cordelia Gartside


Chitter Chatter // Universal Publishing Production Music // Ali Theodore, Jordan Yeager, Sarai Howard, Sergio Cabral

Don’t Let The Jams Stop // Aaahhh! It’s The Funky Junkies! // Steve Baguette

Fly Away // Universal Publishing Production Music // Ali Theodore, Jordan Yeager, Sarai Howard, Sergio Cabral

Intensity // Cavendish Music // Alan Langford, Oliver Trattles, Jonathan Morris, Kam Moye, Anthony Johnson

Kill Me First // Extreme Music // Dan Gautreau, Emanuel Vo Williams, Samantha Jane Powell

Turbulence // Alibi Music // James Murray


As We Get By // Bam Library // Mahira

Coming Back Around // Extreme Music // Daniel Knight

Kick It Down // West One Music // Francois Oxford, Justin Black

Miami // Cavendish Music // Carl Carlson, Knowhere, Lonely Rivers

This is the Moment // Alibi Music Library // Michael James Getches, Calvin Ross Pfeffer

To The Club // Universal Publishing Production Music // Andrew Britton, Jesse O’Mahoney, Mikey Rowe


Production Music Awards 2015



Brighter // SuperPitch // Marius Lenoir

Clubbing // Aaahhh! It’s The Funky Junkies! // Lionel Itchy

Crazed // Universal Publishing Production Music // Paul Emmanuel

Count The Stars // Extreme Music // Lee Richardson, Richard Macklin, Tom Ford, James Cocozza

I Will Be Your Energy // ALIBI Music Library // Jonathan Shulman, Elliot Chapman

Time Out // SuperPitch // Harshman


Digitalism // EMI Production Music // Aaron Gilbert, David Walters

Down In The Dirt // Epidemic Sound // Niklas Ahlström, Martin Carlberg

Jet Stream // Universal Publishing Production Music // Andrew Britton, David Goldsmith

Kir Royale // Dynamic Music // Arthur Pochon

Lakae // SuperPitch // Charles Dollé

Porcelain // StereoRoyal // David Luke Schmidt


Another Night // Aaahhh! It’s The Funky Junkies! // Emme Packer

First Bloom // Universal Publishing Production Music // Hattie Whitehead

Home // Extreme Music // Andrew Willingale, James McLean

Paper Trails // IndieSonics // Jennifer Dalby, Ewan Wallace, Tim Bidwell

The Arch // SuperPitch // Orianne Marsilli, Benoit Guivarch

The Day // Cezame Music Agency // Guillaume Cousin


Deunite // StereoRoyal // David Luke Schmidt

Get It On Like This // Extreme Music // Xzibit, Demerick Ferm, 21

Gremlins // Cezame Music Agency // Chomsk’

Range Rover // Beds & Beats // Marie Cecile Dahlstrom, Sebastian Ovens, Emily Taylor

Ready // Extreme Music // Aaron Levy, Raphael Lake, Dumi Maraire

Tom Cruiser // ALIBI Music Library // Paul Ortiz


Feels Like Magic // Extreme Music // Dan Gautreau, Kelwen Cooke, Spruce Bringstein

Half Alive // Audio Network // Thomas McNeice, Robin Thomson

Just Wait For It // Epidemic Sound // Martin Hall

Medecine // Cezame Music Agency // Patrice Carrie, Jean-Philippe Freu

Our Love Burns // Focus Songs // Michael Boddy & Xander Edwards

Skyward // VideoHelper // William Werwath


Fight Night // Aaahhh! It’s The Funky Junkies! // Dean McGinnes, Jason Mallet

Go To Hell Scarlett Woman // Epidemic Sound // Suffer City

Just the Way // Imagem Production Music // Thomas Michael Greenwood, Joe Mesch

Moving This Fast // Standard Music Library // Sam McCarthy, Tristan Ivemy

Sweetheart Flavoured King // Universal Publishing Production Music // Andrew Britton, Jesse O’Mahoney

Swing // Audio Network // Samuel Telford, Joshua Telford, Jordan Smith


An Epic Tale // Audio Network // Jody Jenkins

Gothic Journey // Focus Music // Adam Saunders, Mark Cousins

Goodbye Dad // Imagem Production Music // Jacques Mathias Oliveira

Spook Capers // Audio Network // James Brett

The American Family // Beds & Beats // Dick Walter

Timeless Beauty // Universal Publishing Production Music // Giovanni Parricelli, John Ashton Thomas


Brazil V Cuba // Beds & Beats // Marcelo Andrade, Paul Russell Rumbol

Dhamaka Diwali // Audio Network // Ruhan Kapoor, Sidhant Kapoor

Jasmine Fragrance // Universal Publishing Production Music // Bahia Waxas, Brice Davoli

Morning Haze // Standard Music Library // Richard G. Mitchell

Restless Natives // Extreme Music // Clint Bajakian

Romaler Chavaler // Universal Publishing Production Music // Juan Luis Leprevost Artiach, Todor Todorov Syarov


Cape Town // Bibliotheque // Joseph Wretham, Ian Scott

Golden Swagger // Universal Publishing Production Music // Dominic Glover, Jay Glover, Gary Crockett

Lost In Translation // VideoHelper // Matt Haick

Luma // IndieSonics // Graham Sowerby, Michael Shirley, Mark Benton, Jamie Thornton, Andrew Aruldoss

Midnight Waltz // Sonic Quiver // Rich Mahogany, Peter Weitz

No Turning Back // Must Save Jane // Lee Baker



Lucozade // Buffalo Plane // Imagem Production Music // Zeben Jameson, Finn Vine

Guinness // Dreams Come True // Cezame Music Agency // Baptiste Thiry

Betfair // Golden Swagger // Universal Publishing Production Music // Dominic Glover, Gary Crockett, Jay Glover

KFC // I Want Rock’n’Roll’ // Universal Publishing Production Music // Kidedo, Kim BARDOT, Klooz

The Sun // Requiem for a Supernova // Imagem Production Music // Daniel Graham Popplewell

Betsafe // Ultimate Sacrifice // Extreme Music // Jacob Shea, Bruce Fingers, Billie Ray Fingers


Horizon – The Search for Gravitational Waves // Spatial Anomalies // Imagem Production Music // Luc Johansson, Koichi C Sanchez-Imahashi

School Swap: The Class Divide // 1 Less Apprentice // 9 Lives Music // Peter Nickalls

Boy George & Culture Club: Karma to Calamity (BBC) // 40 Winks // 9 Lives Music // Richard Dutnall

Dinamo Zagreb // Road Of Dreams // Universal Publishing Production Music // Michael Sims

Blitz Cities : London // Autumn Nocturne // Universal Publishing Production Music // Theo Golding


Signal Radio – Churnet Valley Railway 1940s Weekend // Little Brown Jug // Universal Publishing Production Music // Anders Johan Greger Lewen, Magnus Wiklund

4Music – Summer Voting // Lost Paradise // EMI Production Music // Harry Valentine

National Lottery // Piano People // Beds & Beats // Dave Bethell

BB TV – Dax Blessed // The Story Begins // Universal Publishing Production Music // Andrew James Barnabas, Paul Arnold



Comet Trailer // It’s Ok // Audio Network // Tom Rosenthal, Max Brodie

Life Trailer // Fever // Music Hub // Kyle Commands, Keir MacCulloch, Emily Taylor

Hitman: Agent 47 Trailer // Moving Mountains // Extreme Music // Thomas Bergerson, Nick Phoenix

Life Trailer // So Dream On // Music Hub // Anders Kampe, Robert Lundgren, Maja Norming

Foxcatcher Trailer // Time To Climb // Extreme Music // Daniel Knight

The Last Panthers // Vandals // SATV // Daniel Mallender, Daniel Burrows, Tom Hill

Timeout // Mauvaise Graine trailer // SuperPitch // Harshman


Winner – Porsche // Ready to Start // GUM Collections – Cezame Music Agency // Charlie N’Guyen Kim

Star of Bombay – Perfect Serve // Breeze // Universal Publishing Production Music // Adrian Louis Da Silva, Audio Aroma

John Lewis // Comet Boogie // Extreme Music // Danny Farrant, Jack Reynolds, Gez Gerrard

Team Sky – Hell Of A Ride // Dirty Dozen // Focus Music // Louise Dowd, Jeremy Abbott

Dance on TV // Getting the Best Out of You // Cezame Music Agency // Pascal Hautois

Aaron Lieber // Happy Medium // Extreme Music // Stefano Ruggeri, Tony Morley, Rachel Wood