Winners 2022




Come Home // KPM Music (Score & Songs) // Jeffrey Lloyd Ross, Paul Cleveland

January // Extreme Music // Jeremy Warmsley

Keep on Moving // Cavendish Music // Michael Thomas Jones

Neon Lights // BMG Production Music (The Den) // Dominic James Butler, David Stuart Henshaw, Daniel Peter Fielding, Joseph Mark Lawrenson, Joseph Edward Montague

Something in the Water // Extreme Music // Malory Torr

When I’m Without You // BMG Production Music (At the Studios) // Bonnie Baleshare, Karina Julia Ramage


Cave Water // Extreme Music // Praers

Desert Winds // Score and Songs // Tom Howe, Tori Letzler

Interlunar // KPM Music (Juice Music) // Alan Fresco, Smokey Joe-Benson, Marcel Bolano, Merrick Day

Optimism In Tension // Standard Music Library // Western Analogue

Polar Eyes // Extreme Music // James Everingham

Taking the Plunge // Klanglobby Production Music // Lorenzo Pesci


Living For The Music // Parigo // 2080

Mad Thing // SuperPitch (BMG Production Music) // Gary Waitzmann

Never Give Up // SuperPitch (BMG Production Music) // The Halfside

Raise You Up // Cavendish Music // Peter Darling, William Featherby, Walter Magnum Peterson

Siren Scream // VideoHelper // Saul Guanipa

Where Did You Sleep Last Night // BMG Production Music (At The Studios) // Louis Cillian Ryan Where


Chase on the Ring Road // Cezame Music Agency // Arthur Dutil

Flutter // 1107 Studios // Lawrence Mau Yip Wong, Aleksandrs Hromcovs, Benjamin Ian Cocks

Get Money Get Money // Extreme Music // Stuart Winters, Tiger Gates, Alex Nova

Kettle Door // BMG Production Music (Deep East Music) // Marla Martinez

Refraction // Felt Music // Stuart Dale Thomas, Thomas James Trueman

Trash the Breaks // Cavendish Music // Freddie Prest


Catch Me If I Fall // KPM Music (Juice Music) // Knightstown, John Bisset

Come Home // Score & Songs (KPM Music) // Paul Cleveland, Jeffrey Lloyd Ross

Head for the Light // Extreme Music // Tyler Del Pino

In the Middle of the Night // MYMA // Nicolas Raynier, Aude Isorce

Silver Lining // MYMA // Thomas Frinking, Jemma Johnson

The Devil’s Rope // Extreme Music // Mike Murray


Black Light // BMG Production Music (Appears Next) // Knives At Sea, Ed Swinburne, Darrell Hill-Jervey, Melvin Eugene Brown

Broken Dreams // MYMA // Alex Math, Rudolph Radcliff Ludford, Charles Antoine Debouit

Flexing // The Home of Happy (BMG Production Music) // Max Bronco, Adam Connor

Just Can’t Tell at All // Cavendish Music (5Alarm) // Julisa Wilson, Samuel Grace, Stephen Ruchelman

Look At Me Go // West One Music Group // Aizen Stokes, Adela Hassan, Madli Kents

Win or Lose, It’s What I Do (ft. The MIDI Mafia, Chel Strong) // Extreme Music // Lorne Balfe, Steve Kofsky, Russell Emanuel, Kevin Risto, Chelson Strong



Finally Summer // BMG Production Music (At The Studios) // Lydia Mary Clowes, Teresa Origone

Golden Notebook // Cavendish Music // Blaise Benwell

Higher Realms // VideoHelper // Matt Haick

Liquid Sunshine // BMG Production Music (Altitude Music)  Bea Parks, Jack Lake, Mike Monaghan, Tomas Greenhalf

Shadows in my Downtime // MediaTracks Music // Simon Bradshaw (WeatheredMan)

The Great Divide // KPM Music (The Nightingale Library) // Andrew George Sheppard


Breakfast Blues // London Sync // Sean Hargreaves, Alexander Brown

Dreamtime // Extreme Music // The Sunset Sound featuring Shelby Lynne

Dry Martini // MYMA // Leonard Desarthe

Frozen Waves // Extreme Music // Johnny Rucker, Danny Fernleigh, Peter Fraser, Marlo Wolf

Juste M’balader (Just take a walk) // West One Music Group // Thomas J Feterman

What a Time To Be Alive // London Sync // Thomas Kincaid, Julia Biel


All I Know // De Wolfe Music // Daniel Davies

Catch Me Falling // Felt Music // Lewis Amoroso, Adir Tov

I Wanna See You Try // 1107 Studios // Marta Malgorzata Galuszewska, Andre Filipe Solar Vasconcelos, Joe Walter Ulmer, Apoena Ferreira Frota

Ready to Love You // The Home of Happy (BMG Production Music) // Adriana Stone, Niamh Ann Quinn, Penguin Asylum, Janet Grogan

Walk Through The Stars // SuperPitch (BMG Production Music) // Vasily Igor, Jérémy Barlozzo

You Got Me All You Want // The Home of Happy (BMG Production Music) // Jaco Prince, Markus Hughes 


Feed Me To The Wolves // Out/Standard // Laura Mary Carter

Feel The Energy // SuperPitch (BMG Production Music) // Vasily Igor, Jérémy Barlozzo

In My Eyes // Parigo // Franck Sinnassamy, Rebecca Meyer

Let The Rain In // BMG Production Music (At The Studios) // Holly Henderson

Make It Happen // SuperPitch (BMG Production Music) // Vasily Igor, Jérémy Barlozzo

No Regrets // Extreme Music // Devin Hoffman, Jessica Kline, Kiel a Feher


Band of Explorers // 1107 Studios // William Lyons, Benjamin Ian Cocks

By the Lake // Klanglobby Production Music // Paul Cassidy

Crystallize // Extreme Music // Thomas Bergersen

Hymn for the Fallen // Score & Songs // Tom Howe, David Jones

Mother // Sneaky Biscuit // Mark Doggett

Valorous // Cezame Music Agency (Infinity Scores) // Gabriel Saban


From Source to Sea // Cavendish Music // Lawrence Mau-Yip Wong, James Nathan Jeremy Jones

Tremble Ye Mighty // BMG Production Music (Must Save Jane) // Andrew Skrabutenas

Megalith // Nova Production Music (Universal Production Music) // Si Begg, Damon Baxter

The Royal Court // Cezame Music Agency (Cezame Trailers) // Gabriel Saban

The Sword Decides // VideoHelper // Joseph Saba, Stewart Winter

What you Wish 4 // Extreme Music // Tony Stafford Jr, Michael Smith, NineOneOne, Andrew Christie


Aye Kamine // BMG Production Music (Audio Atlas) // Aditya Narayan, Nayantara Bhatkal

Ignite // Hot Source // James Morpeth, Oscar Hill

La Cucaracha // Extreme Music // Mitre

Prefiero perderte // West One Music Group // Eliane Correa

On The Street // Sneaky Biscuit // Pascal Glanville

Vigilant // West One Music Group // Tresor Kiambu, Oliver Williams (The Busy Twist)


Amen // Extreme Music // Lee Richardson, Jonathan Murrill, Tom Ford, James Cocozza, Robyn Johnson

Body Yoghurt // Extreme Music // The Meat Sweaters

Royale with Cheese // Cavendish Music // Leo Royale, Jack Lake,Tomas Joseph Greenhalf, Bea Parks

Silly Yodeling // SuperPitch (BMG Production Music) // Housequake, McMalaise

This Is It // The Home of Happy (BMG Production Music) // Holley Gray, Jessica Leonie Rose Greenfield

Tumbling Down // KPM Music // Lewis Henry Amoroso, Alexander Rudd, Zach Lemmon



Dresden // Don’t Worry Darling // Elephant Music // Simon George Begg

We Just get One Life // Fireheart // Extreme Music // Tony Stafford Jr, Michael Smith, NineOneOne

Venom Perfected // Last Looks // Extreme Music // Lee Richardson, Jonathan Murrill, Tom Ford, James Cocozza, Chantilly Kornegay

Sunny Stroll // Phantom of the Open // KPM Music // John Neville Rufus Altman

Mind Maze // The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window // BMG Production Music (Altitude Music) // Sam Thompson, Jenny Plant

Heroes Among Us // We Feed People (National Geographic / Disney+) // VideoHelper // Florian Gravouil