Production Music Awards Winners 2023!




Back To You// BMG Production Music (At The Studios – Artists) // Fiona Harte

Fly With Me // Extreme Music // Alyssa Bonagura

Heart Skips a Beat // KPM Music // Andrew Peter Kingslow, Trina Smith

Love At First Sight // Standard Music Library // Dan McDougall, James Thompson

Show Me // Level 77 Music // Noni Culotta, Alex Cabrera, Jason Rudd, Bradley Prakope

Tell ‘Em // Bigger Story Music (BMG Production Music) // Kara Greskovic, Ciel Eckard-Lee, Madi Cooper, Andrew Allen


Allegory of Time // My Music Library // Thomas Toccafondi

Colors of Emotions // Infinity Scores (Cézame Music Agency) // Dan Thiessen

Imsdalen // Freshtracks Music // Tord Stalheim Mortensen

La Loba // Frisson Music // (JW Media Music) // Jacob Connor

Liquid Flore Remix // Parigo // Sebastien Blanchon, Flore Morfin

Sorry Now // Extreme Music // Joseph Andrew Banfi, Thomas Louis James White


I Miss You At Christmas // Clear Wave Music (BMG Production Music) // Steve Bush

That’s The Magic Of Christmas // Extreme Music // Jason Robert Mingo, Meaghan Mingo

North Pole Position // Extreme Music // Adam Lukas, Bruno Carvalho De Oliveira

Sparkle Bells // Machiavelli Music (Onetrackaday) // Francesco Cerrato

Swing Little Bells // Freshtracks Music // Gerard Gueudin, Letizia Morelli

The Magic of Christmas // de Wolfe Music // Dominik Johnson, Alex Tschallener, Jan Valta


Balkan Fever // Cézame Music Agency // Boris Yvan

Bang! Bang! // Raydia (Beacon Music) // Matthew David Goodman, Melroy Carty

Break It Loose // Level 77 Music // Stanislav Palyvoda, Brian Johnson Jr, Patrick Avard, Anthony Arasi

Cold Cold Heart // KPM Music // Harry Clarke, Sarah Michelle Thompson

Pull Up // Felt Music // Innes Evans

Supernatural Power // Extreme Music // James Knight, Daniel Farrant, Nick Kingsley


Feeling So Fresh // Freshtracks Music // Luke Melville, Kellian Smyth, Max Bronco, Jimmy Kaleth, Callum Melville

Give Me A Sign // Out/Standard // James King

Head Keeps Throbbing // BMG Production Music (Altitude Music) // Justis Chanell Simpson, Stephen William Cornish

Look At What You Do To Me // Extreme Music // Alan Hardman, Peter Fraser, Kurt Karver

We Just Wanna Get High // Rhythm & Stealth (BMG Production Music) // Chris Hollis, Josh Elgood

Winner Takes It All // Extreme Music // Manfred Edward Roovers, Rutger H G Clemens


Gazing From Above // Freshtracks Music // Roger Gascon Salvado

Go Slowly // The Home of Happy (BMG Production Music) // Barney Sebastian Rudkins-Stow, Hedda Roeste, Susanne Foelsvik Roennekleiv

In Seattle // Bigger Story Music (BMG Production Music) // Lizzy McAvoy Bass

In the Middle of the Night // MYMA Music // Nicolas Raynier, Aude Isorce

It is You // Cézame Music Agency // Penelope Antena, Jonathan Hodari

Le Ballon Manouche // Libzik // Sophie Raffin, Guillaume Perrin


Know my Name // Infinity Scores (Cézame Music Agency) // Lionel Fabert, Patrik Kabongo

Next Level // VideoHelper // William Werwath, Krysta Youngs

Roll With It // SATV Music // John Ross, Joshua Melvin

Too Cute // 1107 Studios // Kyrie Briana Chalmers, Henry Parsley

Too Far Ahead // London Sync // Derrell Hill-Jervey, TJ Lion, Edward Swinburne, Melvin Brown

Walker Mill Road // KPM Music // Thomas James Caruana, Joel Vandroogenbroeck, Florian Voelxen


And What // SATV Music // Charlie Harper

Burns Like Fire // Infinity Scores (Cézame Music Agency) // IDALIA, Sandia

Get Gone // Extreme Music // Jamie Hall, Clive Klinnen, Kurt Karver

Mirror Ball // Felt Music // Freddie Prest, Orville Paradis

We Passed The Line // Felt Music // Alyx Neve

Wont Let U Go // Raydia (Beacon Music) // Emily Bjorke, John Bisset



Hand Me Down // Level 77 Music // James Driscoll

Houston // Retro Music Library (Universal Production Music) // Robert Edward Bradley, Andrew Griffiths

Midnight Lullaby (Ft. Billy Valentine) // Extreme Music // Dillon O Brian, Steven Lindsey

Out of The Shadows // London Sync // Idris Rahman, Robin Hopcraft

Saxophone Soliloquy // Gothic Storm Music (Warner Chappell Production Music) // Harry David George, William Lee Farmer

The Night is Ours // Cézame Music Agency (Cézame Trailers) // Gregory Cotti, Gabriel Saban


Call Me Back // Bigger Story Music (BMG Production Music) // Melodie Young, Andrew Allen, Ciel Eckard-Lee

Coming Home // Boost Music (BoostTV) // Dire Pitan, Vincenzo Capodivento

Like A Boss // West One Music Group // Amy McKnight

Melty Sugar // Gothic Storm Music // Warner Chappell Production Music // Milkuro

My Love // MYMA Music // Julien Cavard, Raphaël Nauleau, Edward Fasone

Say Nothing // MYMA Music // Thomas Frinking, Jemma Johnson


Believe Ya // Cézame Music Agency // Simon Peter Mcallen, Iain Michael Hutchison

Forget My Name // MYMA music // Loïc Ghanem, Kayelee Ayers

Light It Up // London Sync // Mark Willot, Christian Garrington, Michael Cates

Poison // SATV Music // Thomas Foley, Van Harley

Turning in Circles // KPM Music // Dirk Steinberg, Figero Scripp, Juno Jane, Kiel Feher, Skip Armstrong

Under Your Skin // Boost Music (Poke) // Tim Fleet, Lana McDonagh



Alive // Boost Music (Big Screen Music) // Chris Elmslie, Hayley Watson

Ladder of Dreams // Cézame Music Agency // Antoine Glatard

Lights, Camera, Action! // KPM Music // Adam Saunders, Mark Stephen Cousins

Precious Time // Alpha Music & Sound (Cézame Music Agency) // Lucas Napoleone

Reach For The Stars // VideoHelper // Saul Guanipa

Wicked Intensions // Boost Music // Josh Wynter


Love The Way I Feel About You // Standard Music Library // Geordan Reid-Campbell

Ooh La La Love // The Home of Happy (BMG Production Music) // David John Parsons, Amy Caddies McKnight

Original You // The Home of Happy (BMG Production Music) // Holley Gray, Gavin Condor

Sitting On Gold // Extreme Music // Danny Farrant, Nick Kingsley, James Knight, Jai Amore

So Chic // Extreme Music // Robbie Nevil, Orlando Lamonz Rowe

There For Me // Raydia (Beacon Music) // Kimberly Anne Sutherland, Rhiannon Mair Gray

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Amor Profundo // JW Media Music // Cameron McBride, Paul Cuddeford

DANCE! // West One Music Group // Hyung J Joe

El Cumbión // Extreme Music // Juan Francisco Fridman, Juan Pablo De Mendonca

Infatuation (痴情) // BMG Production Music (Selectracks Song Catalog) // Nicky J. van der Lugt Melsert

María Elena // KPM Music // Cubetta, Juancho Saavedra

Woza (Ft. K4MO) // Extreme Music // Toya Delazy, Raf Riley, Rui Jorge Marcal Vieira Lopes, Kamo K4mo


Evolutionary Leap // VideoHelper // Saul Guanipa

Falling Remix // Myma Music // Quentin Travade, Louis Horhan

Go Wild // Level 77 Music // Stanislav Palyvoda, Brian Johnson Jr, Patrick Avard, Anthony Arasi

Moi Je N’Aimerai Que Toi // Parigo // Minimatic

Save Me // BMG Production Music // Toon Habraken, Rebecca Felicitas Josephina Kreyenberg, Jesse Maasdam

Whistleblower // Audiomachine // Matthew Foundling, Stuart Roslyn


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Acura: Introducing the Acura Integra Type S // Legends // Extreme Music // Kevin John Risto, Waynne Nugent, Ade Rain Chang-Nugent, Chelson Mechale Strong, Maxton Arrott Waller

Quorn: So Tasty Why Choose The Alternative? // Le Mirage Tendre // BMG Production Music (DnG) // Frederique Corbin, Thierry Los

Royal Match // Dash Riddim // KPM Music // Jamie Wilder, Johann Sebastian Bach

Samsung: Galaxy Z Flip4 // Good Vibes // West One Music Group // Moa Munoz, Ryan Short

Specsavers: How to Kiss // Cheek To Cheek // Extreme Music // Heinz Buchold

Velveeta: Life’s a Breeze // Moonbird // de Wolfe Music // Roger Webb


Aftersun // Memories Live On // BMG Production Music (Altitude Music) // Matthew John Hawken

All That Breathes // Transcendence // VideoHelper // Saul Guanipa

Beast // Goat // Elephant Music // Sam Cleeve

Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery // Manor // Elephant Music // Richard Schrieber

Smile // The Grotto // Audiomachine // Jina Hyojin An, Nicholas Steinbach, Paul Dinletir

The Pod Generation // Pixie Pizzicati // Cézame Music Agency (Cézame Trailers) // Sebastian Jakoby