Rules for Entry 2023

1. All music submitted into ‘Composition’ categories must have first been published by the library during the period between 20/11/2020 and 20/11/2023 (the last three years up to the awards event). All music submitted into ‘Sync’ categories must have been licensed into a production during the period between 20/11/2021 and 20/11/2023.

2. Work may only be entered by a company (production music library or sub publisher) that owns the rights to the work. Private individuals (Composers) may not enter work directly.

3. Music entered into competition for the Production Music Awards in previous years is not eligible for entry into these awards.

4. Libraries may submit a maximum of two entries per category.

5. Entrants should have the full and proper permissions to enter work. By entering work, the entrant confirms that they have the legal right to enter the Production Music Awards on the terms of these rules.

6. Any music entered into the Production Music Awards must be fully and properly registered with a performing rights organisation. Music not registered with a PRO will not be eligible. Any music library with non PRO affiliated works in their catalogue will not be eligible to enter the awards.

7. Entrants must submit a fully completed entry form by no later than 28/07/2023 (the “Closing Date”). An entry fee of £145.00 + VAT is payable for submissions to the ‘Composition’ and ‘Sync’ Entries will not be considered complete until the relevant media has been uploaded online, the corresponding materials have been received by the awards, and full payment has been made.

8. If you need to withdraw an entry please contact us here. Refunds for entries withdrawn from competition after the Closing Date shall be issued at the sole discretion of the awards organisers.

9. The organisers accept no responsibility for entries that are incorrectly submitted or not delivered due to technical faults. Entries received after the Closing Date will not be considered.

10. In the event that the organisers cancel the competition, all entry fees shall be refunded. Additionally, if a category attracts too few entries then it may be removed from competition and entries into the affected category shall be refunded.

11. Winners of the Production Music Awards will receive an award The organisers will endeavour to promote the winners and nominees broadly across sync and media industries online and in print. The Production Music Awards offers no financial prize.

12. You warrant that, upon entering work into the competition, the organisers shall not breach any applicable laws or infringe the rights of any third party, including but not limited to third party intellectual property rights, anywhere in the world as a result of the use of the work submitted within the context of the competition and awards activity, and associated promotional activities. Specifically, you warrant that all rights for music have been cleared and that full permission has been granted by any and all owners of audio-visual content for use in context for PR and awards activity.

13. Each entrant indemnifies the organiser against all liability to any other person or company and all loss arising from a breach by the entrant of any of these rules.

14. The organiser of the awardsis Richard Canavan Ltdof 8 Lilley Mead, Redhill, RH1 2NY t/a The Production Music Awards

15. The decisions of the organisers in all matters relating to the awards shall be final and binding.

16. The rules of the competition shall be governed by and construed according to English law and the parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

Please read these rules carefully before entering work into the awards. All entrants must observe the rules of the competition. Submission of entries and completion of payment indicates full acceptance by each entrant of these rules.

These rules are available in a downloadable PDF format here.