Production Music Awards 2024

Deadline for entries: 26th July

There are a few new things for 2024! We’ve improved the composition categories (see below) to better reflect the type of music being submitted. In the past we’ve received feedback about genre categories (such as Pop or Score) being too broad, resulting in very different compositions being compared. We’ve addressed this by splitting out some of our categories to be clearer.

There is some new language in our Rules for Entry which stipulate that music must be created entirely by humans in order to be eligible. We’re not interested in celebrating music created by AI.

Finally, we’re asking entrants to provide their own 20 second cut-downs of their tracks. These cut-downs are used during the ceremony, so we’d like to make sure we’re using a section of the track which really represents the best of the composition. In this we think the people best placed to decide that is the library.

Any music library who’s work is registered with a performing rights organisation (such as PRS for Music) is eligible to enter the awards. Any music library with non PRO affiliated works in their catalogue will not be eligible to enter the awards.

An entry into the Production Music Awards costs £155.

Work may only be entered by the production music library (or subpublisher) that owns the rights to the work.

Music submitted into Composition categories must have first been published by the library during the last three years. All music submitted into Sync categories must have been licensed into a production during the previous two years.

The deadline for entries is the 26th July 2024. Nominations will be announced on the 18th September 2024. The Production Music Awards Ceremony takes place on the 20th November 2024.

Judges are carefully selected from across the broader music and sync industries. We’re proud of our distinguished jury of industry professionals, who each have experience and knowledge in the field of placing music to picture. Judges mark entries without any identifying information in order to maintain fairness and avoid any conflict of interest.

Absolutely! We pride ourselves on the fairness and transparency of our judging process. Each entry is presented blind to our judges, meaning they have no information on the work or publisher.

We also place a limit (two submissions) per category to offer each entrant the same opportunity irrespective of budget.

Unfortunately Composers are not eligible to enter the Production Music Awards.

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Chart Pop Production Music Track

Acoustic Pop Production Music Track

Pop Rock Production Music Track


Rock Production Music Track

Metal Production Music Track

Indie Rock Production Music Track


Electronic Dance Production Music Track

Drum & Bass Production Music Track

House Production Music Track


Drama Score Production Music Track

Fantasy Score Production Music Track

Sci-fi Score Production Music Track

Ambient / Minimalist Production Music Track


Hip Hop Production Music Track

Rap Production Music Track


Folk Production Music Track

Jazz Production Music Track

Soul / R&B Production Music Track


Epic Hybrid Trailer Production Music Track

Fantasy Trailer Production Music Track

Drama Trailer Production Music Track


Christmas Production Music Track

World Production Music Track

Wildcard Production Music Track


Best Newcomer


Best Use of Production Music in Television Advertising

Best Use of Production Music in Television Factual

Best Use of Production Music in a Sports Promo

Best Use of Production Music in a Television Trailer

Best Use of Production Music in a Film Trailer

Best Use of Production Music in Digital / Online Advertising

Best Use of Production Music in a Television Drama