The Production Music Awards accepts Composition and Sync entries from production music libraries from anywhere in the world. You must be a representative from a music library to enter the awards. Please review the rules for entry below before submitting work. Categories can be found below. The fee for entering a Composition or Sync track is £95.

**The Production Music Awards is now CLOSED for entries in 2019**.

Nominations will be announces on the 10th October.

Composition Categories 2019

Music focussing exclusively on non-amplified instruments in the Pop / Rock genres.

Including Ambient, Minimalist, Drones & Underscores

New works written in a Modern or Neo Classical style using Orchestral, Electronic or experimental arrangements

Including Dance (club), House, Garage, Techno, Rave & Trance, EDM, Drum & Bass

Including Electro, Electro Swing, Electronica, Dubstep, Chiptune, Downtempo, Chillout & Trip Hop

Including Acoustic & Contemporary Folk

Including Hip Hop, Rap, Drum & Bass & Grime

Music influenced and inspired by the independent scene, outside of the musical mainstream and more challenging than popular music.

Including Traditional Jazz, Gypsy Jazz, Ragtime, Big Band, Swing, Easy Listening & Lounge

Including Singer Songwriter, Bubblegum Pop, Electro Pop & Pop Rock, Dance Pop, Indie Pop, Contemporary RnB

Including Rock’n’Roll, Blues Rock, Country Rock, Heavy Metal, Indie Rock, Punk, Garage Rock & Ska

Compositions in the style of film score, including Orchestral, Orchestral Hybrid & Solo instrumentation

Compositions in a style written to suite Film, Television & Game Trailers

Compositions identifiable as having a culturally or ethnically recognisable geographic origin

Sync Categories 2019

A production music composition used in a broadcast television ad

A production music composition used in a broadcast documentary or factual / factual entertainment program

A production music composition used in a production promoting sports programming

A production music composition used in a trailer for a television program

A production music composition used in a trailer for a film

A production music composition used in an online ad, or content used online / in digital formats

PRS Foundation Best Newcomer Award

The Production Music Awards in association with MCPS Production Music have teamed up with PRS Foundation, the UK’s leading funder of new music and talent development, to celebrate new talent in the Production Music industry. The PRS Foundation Award for Best Newcomer aims to highlight talented new Composers that are bringing something unique to the field of production music.

This category is FREE for libraries to enter when submitting at least one entry in other Production Music Awards categories. An eligible composer can be put forward by a library, accompanied by a short description and three accompanying compositions.

There are no guidelines for genre, but the composer must have had their first library works registered within the last two years (to the date of the awards). Libraries may submit up to two separate entries into this category. At least one entry must be a woman, trans or non-binary composer.

According to the Inclusion Initiative 2018 report “Inclusion in the Recording Studio?” analysing 600 songs from the Billboard 100 between 2012 – 2016, only 2% were produced by women. Using PRS for Music figures, in 2018 only one of the top 20 highest earning songwriters and music composers in the UK was a woman. Furthermore just 17% of PRS for Music’s writer membership are women. This figure was 13% in 2011, signalling slow progress across the music industry to address gender imbalance. PRS Foundation and the Production Music Awards are committed to addressing this gender imbalance in music, including all underrepresented genders, and so we actively encourage women, trans or non-binary nominations this year.

Submissions can be made through the award submissions platform above.